Aquatech Diving & Marine Services Ltd is your "go to" potable water diving specialists.

Our dive gear is designated for potable water diving only.

Any gear going in your reservoir is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite as per AWWA standards.

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Potable Water Solutions

For almost 30 years, Aquatech Diving & Marine Services has been the leading contractor in Western Canada for performing potable water facility maintenance. 

With over 1200 reservoirs cleaned and inspected and with numerous return clients, Aquatech Diving & Marine Services has become your “Go-To” potable water diving specialists.

Numerous water facilities in Western Canada have not been entered since their day of construction. Whether it is a large round reservoir, a small cistern, elevated standpipe or municipal underground reservoir, a dive team’s need to perform required or regular upkeep maintenance exists.

Services & Maintenance

Inspection Diving

This is the first step to proper water maintenance. Inspections can be performed by a potable water dive team or ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) with excellent results. Accompanied by HD video, our team can provide a high-quality presentation to the client of the facility floor, walls, roof, pumps, overflow lines, valves and flanges.

During this inspection, samples may also be obtained for testing or, if inadequate blueprints exist, a diver can be used to document measurements of the facility’s dimensions.

Reservoir Cleaning

In the over 1200 reservoirs inspected by our potable water diving experts, 94% had a sediment build-up on the floor. 

Materials found included:

  • Organic growth 
  •  Iron bacteria
  • Filter media 
  • Sand 
  • Coal
  • Post-filter flock
  • Well sand
  • Gravel
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Birds

Utilizing our expert potable dive crew is a cost-effective alternative to draining the reservoir and possible water service disruption. Using a three-inch trash pump and suction line, we can clean and remove unwanted material with little or no disturbance to the reservoir or its PH and turbidity levels.

Pump & Valve Repair

Suppose pump chamber reservoir valves are not functioning. In that case, Aquatech Diving & Marine Services can be called on to replace or repair facility valves, cotter pins in actuator arms, or replace screens on pumps. Our dive crews have worked on numerous applications that also include facility isolation using inflatable or mechanical plugs.

Fill Line Extensions & Baffle Walls

Many reservoirs contain what are known as dead zones, where little or no circulation of freshwater is determined. In this situation, an extension on a fill line is installed by our dive team to help eliminate this problem. Baffle walls are also becoming more common in water facilities, preventing short circuits in water flow and allowing chlorine more contact time in the water.

Top Hat Cap Installation

This allows the contractor to tie into existing water facilities without having to drain them. Our dive crew will anchor these caps into the reservoir wall. Once attached, a hole can be cored or drilled behind the cap. A line, valve and link seal are then installed. Once the link seal is tightened, the diver can remove the cap completing this “live” tie in.

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