Trusted Commercial Divers Servicing Western Canada

Commercial Diving Services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

For nearly 30 years Aquatech Diving & Marine Services has been performing reservoir maintenance services, underwater construction projects, various topside support and commercial diving services. With our DCBC certified dive teams, no project is too big. We have fully stocked dive trucks and trailers, boats, barges, lifts and cranes. Our ROV/drone division utilizes compact ROV’s and drones to inspect underwater and surface facilities as well as pipe inspections as small as 8".

Our Diving Services: 

  1. Potable Water

  2. Sewage Divers

  3. ROV For Underwater Inspection

  4. Underwater Pipeline Installation

  5. Intake Inspection

  6. Water Intake Maintenance

Have An Intake To Inspect, Or A Pipeline To Install?

We’ve Got You Covered. 

Whether you have an intake to inspect, a pipeline to install, or anything in between, Aquatech Diving & Marine Services Ltd can do it. Our divers draw on years of experience in commercial diving to help you with your underwater or surface projects.

You Need It? We’ve Got It.

If We Don’t, We’ll Get It.

We have various boats, equipment, and supplies to assist you with whatever project you have in mind.

  • Dive Boats 
  • Barges 
  • Jet Boats 
  • Support Boats 
  • Dredges 
  • Dewatering Pumps 
  • Lift Bags 
  • Cranes 
  • Backhoes 
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding 

Potable Water Solutions

Over 1,200 reservoirs cleaned & inspected in nearly 30 years.

Civil Dive Operations and Marine Services

Inspect an intake, pipeline installation and everything in between.

Contaminated Diving

We are ready to get dirty for you.


Remote Operated Vehicle

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Over 30 years of high quality commercial diving services.

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