Small but Unique ROVs for Every Underwater Application Across Canada

ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional diving methods. They can be used for many tasks, including pipeline inspections, survey work, salvage operations, and underwater construction projects. At Aquatech Diving, we have a fleet of small but unique ROVs capable of meeting the needs of any project. Our skilled pilots are highly trained in operating our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring efficient and reliable inspections.

In addition to ROV services, we also provide marine support and commercial diving contracting. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our ROV inspection services are trusted throughout Canada by companies in a variety of industries. We provide our services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and more.

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About Our Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Get a Comprehensive View of the Worksite and Its Surroundings with Ease

Our ROV Services Can Help Uncover Issues Not Visible on the Surface.
Underwater ROV Services - Aquatech Diving

Our ROV Division uses Canadian-made ROV’s

They are compact and battery operated. No need for power supplies.
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Safe & Convenient

Our ROV’s can be utilized with very minimal setup time; there is no need to shut down facilities, and they are very safe.

DT340S Pip Crawler & DTG2 Swimmer

Aquatech Diving & Marine Services Offers Two Styles of Remotely Operated Vehicles for Every Application.

Aquatech Diving & Marine Services offers two different styles of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for underwater inspection needs - DT340S Pip Crawler & DTG2 Swimmer. Both ROVs can be deployed quickly and efficiently with very minimal setup time, meaning there is no need to shut down facilities or operations. They are also incredibly safe, making them ideal for a variety of applications. These ROVs are perfect for use in tight spaces or difficult-to-reach areas, and above all, they are Canadian-made. No matter what your specific needs may be, Aquatech Diving & Marine Services has an ROV that will get the job done. Contact us today to find out more about our ROVs and how we can help you with your underwater inspection needs.

The DTG2 Can Easily Fit Through Hatches or into Tall Water Towers

It can easily fit through hatches or into tall water towers, making it perfect for reaching tight spaces. Additionally, the DT340S pip crawler is a great choice for tough inspections. With its 4-wheel drive skid steer capabilities, it can drive over sediment and reach even the most difficult-to-inspect areas. Thanks to its wheel sizes and tether length, the DT340S can tackle even the most challenging assignments. Consequently, these ROVs are ideal for a variety of inspection tasks.

Videos from Our ROV services have been used by engineers to refer, draw blueprints and or pinpoint a problem that is not visible on the surface.

Trust Us to Provide Efficient and Effective Solutions

Our underwater inspection services can:

1. Achieve greater accuracy and precision with underwater inspection services.
2. Get a comprehensive view of the worksite and its surroundings with ease.
3. Benefit from our team’s expertise and knowledge in underwater inspection services.
4. Streamline your workflow and save time and money with our efficient services

Our Skilled Operators Undergo Extensive Training

We pride ourselves in having a wide range of ROVs to suit every underwater application. From small, compact vehicles for tight spaces to larger models equipped with specialized tools, we have the perfect ROV for your project. Our skilled operators undergo extensive training to expertly maneuver the ROV and capture high-definition video footage for engineers and technicians to refer to. We are one of the leading ROV companies in Canada, offering unmatched inspection services for various industries, including oil and gas, marine construction, and aquaculture. Trust us to provide efficient and effective solutions using cutting-edge technology. 

Our Remotely Operated Vehicles May Be Small in Size, but They Pack a Big Punch When It Comes to Underwater Inspection Services.

As trained and experienced operators, we can maneuver the ROV through even the most demanding environments to inspect hard-to-reach areas or monitor work on job sites. Not only can our ROVs swim, crawl, and lift objects, but they also can take high-definition images and videos. This makes them invaluable tools for inspections in any industry – from construction and oil & gas to aquaculture and bridge maintenance. Contact us today for more information about our ROV inspection services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary applications of underwater ROVs?

Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have a wide range of applications across various industries and fields due to their versatility and ability to operate in challenging underwater environments. Some of the primary applications of underwater ROVs include:

  • Underwater infrastructure inspection & maintenance
  • Pipeline & cable installation
  • Environmental monitoring (water quality, temperature, salinity & the presence of pollutants)
  • Research, education & training

What are the advantages of using ROVs over human divers for underwater tasks?

Using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) offers several advantages over using human divers for underwater tasks, especially in challenging, hazardous, or deep-sea environments. Safety, depth capability, extended dive times, cost-effectiveness, precise real-time data and continuous operation are a few of the advantages.

While ROVs offer many advantages, it’s important to note that they also have limitations, such as reliance on power sources, the need for regular maintenance, and the inability to perform certain tasks that require human dexterity and judgment. The choice between ROVs and human divers depends on the specific requirements and constraints of each underwater task and environment.

Aquatech Diving has extensive training and experience with underwater ROV services throughout Western Canada, helping communities and operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and more.

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